Barnett Jackal Crossbow Review for beginners


Barnett is a highly well-recognized name in the crossbow manufacturing industry. Starting way beyond 1962, it has a long legacy of producing quality archery items. And over the long years of development they’ve, it’s quite natural for a high-scale manufacturer to facilitate and improve their product quality bit by bit. And today, in our Barnett Jackal Crossbow reviews, we’re going to speak about one such item, which is the result of years and years of continuous development operation. Let’s quickly get our lens of analysis and head to the guide right now.

Barnett Jackal Crossbow Reviewbarnett jackal crossbow review

Each crossbow comes with tons and tons of features and functions, and this ‘Jackal’ by Barnett is no different either. Right now, we’ll try to understand those particular factors that play a significant role in determining whether it’s a quality item or not.



Are Barnett Crossbows Any Good?

Barnett is one of the few crossbow manufacturers which has a long tradition of producing quality items. With close to 60 long years of manufacturing expertise Barnett is one of the top names you’d encounter in the hunting industry.

So, to answer your query, yes, it’s perfect and has some extraordinary items in its line.

Quick Facts About Barnett Crossbows

Barnett is a name that you’d often hear while talking about crossbows and hunting gears in general. Let’s check out some of the quick facts about Barnett Crossbows, so our conception of this manufacturer becomes clear.

Barnett started their business around 1962 in the UK by a British man called Bernar Barnett. First, this global brand started its journey by filling the needs of acquaintances. But soon, when people started noticing the quality in their work, it gradually started developing into full-scale manufacturing.

Within years they started to grow and have facilities and offices in different parts of Europe, and in 2003 they permanently started their operations in the US.

Barnett is now a sister concern under Plano Synergy Holdings, a leader in hunting gear manufacturing. The story of Barnett is yet to be over, and they’re looking forward to an even more promising and productive future up ahead.

What Crossbow Case Fits The Barnett Jackal?

Unlike guns, the crossbow has a wider shape. Thus, crossbow cases are common for hunters for better carrying capabilities. The Jackal by Barnett is quite smaller in size. So, you can expect it to fit in almost any case. You can go for Barnet Cases, and check for models that accommodate your crossbow better. But, if you’re looking for more affordable alternatives, check out the Allen company cases!

Package Contents & Assembly

It’s important to go through what items this item is coming with. First, you get the main compound crossbow. A red dot sight comes with the package as well, which improves your accuracy and helps target your object quicker than iron sights.

The package also includes 20″ arrows and a detachable quiver for managing ammo better. They’d also provide you with all the screws, hex keys, and bolts. It’ll highly aid during assembly. The safety manual and instruction guide are there to assist you if you’re new and have trouble understanding the entire mechanism of assembling and using it.

It would take 10-15 minutes for experienced individuals to get it assembled. You can check the instruction manual for quick assembling mechanisms and can also check YouTube, where you’d find video tutorials easily explaining the assembly process.

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Accuracy & Power

These are the two most important factors while you’re purchasing a crossbow. The main reason to buy this is to hunt deer or smaller games. But if your crossbow fails to supply the required power, you won’t be able to pull these off. It has to have serious energy to get deer and other such animals down without much trouble.

If you wondered whether it has the strength to perform such a task, you could rest assured. This item has a track record of shooting down elks from a 40-yard distance with ease. But with the outstanding force it comes with, you should be able to do that being much further away from that.

This is an absolute beast if you compare the power it can produce. It’s extremely tough and offers you a velocity of 315 feet per second, which should be more than enough to kill a game with one single shot quickly.

The draw weight of it is quite standard and measures around 150 pounds. So, it shouldn’t be that hard for you to get used to it.

It has a trigger pull of around 3.5 lbs, which should be ideal for hunters like you. You won’t have to struggle to pull the trigger down hugely. On the other hand, it isn’t that easygoing either, resulting in an accidental fire. So, you’re safe from all the standpoints.

Detailed Power Comparison

As we’ve mentioned in our Barnett Jackal Compound Crossbow Review already, it has the power to smash onto the target roughly 315 feet per second. This means it can produce around 90.ft.lbs kinetic power from the closest range with a 400-grain arrow. But as you add distance to it, this energy slowly declines around 3% every ten yards of distance. So, if you take a shot from a 30-yard distance, you’d get roughly 82 ft. lbs. stopping power.

So, if you now compare this energy, you’d be surprised to learn that it’s more than enough to bring down some of the toughest games that can be found in North America. So, large-scale beasts like Cape Buffalos or Grizzly Bears can easily be hunted down using this powerful weapon at any moment. As we have drawn comparisons and gone into the utmost details of things, you should, by now, very well understand how unbelievably powerful this crossbow is overall!

The Red Dot Sight

As we’ve already mentioned, the package includes a red dot sight to provide you with increased accuracy. Let’s have an inside look at the sight to give you a more detailed understanding of it.

This site doesn’t come only in the color red but also has a green dot setting.

Shooting under different brightness conditions can be highly problematic. It can affect your vision and overall shooting, making you miss the target. To counter such issues, this sight comes equipped with five different brightness settings. It lets you adjust the brightness level as you desire in low-light situations.

Besides the different colored dots and brightness settings, this sight is quite accurate. It won’t take more than 5-10 shots to zero it incorrectly.

This battery-run sight can give you issues when the battery dies. That’s why it’s suggested to carry your spare battery just in case.

Arrows in the Package

The package comes with three arrows. These are Eston 20″ arrows that come with attachable field points for quality target practice. So, while preparing for hunting, you’d need to get new arrows that accept broadheads.

So, the arrows are extremely tough. They’re durably constructed and withstand a heavy beating. As a result, these arrows should last you longer than usual.

You can use both 18″ and 20″ arrows with Jackal. But using 20″ seems like the most appropriate fit overall. Yet, yet 18″ arrows would work well too, as Barnett recommends it. So, it depends on your preference which one you find most comfortable.

The quiver allows you to store three arrows for quick shooting and ammo manageability.


The design of beauty is another aspebarnett jackal crossbow reviewct that we should relate to you. This dark black crossbow is highly well designed and thus gives it an astonishingly aggressive appearance. The crossbow has a military-style camo design on the stock. A similar military-style camo is also apparent expanding from over the trigger to fingertip areas. Overall, its design of it is extraordinarily outstanding.


Warranty, as you already know, is crucial for any items, especially large-scale products which are to be used over a longer period. So, in terms of crossbows, warranty plays a highly important role.

These are outdoor items that you use for hunting animals. It’s very well possible that it can get damaged during use. As these are products that you use time and time again, they can be prone to wear and tear after long and heavy use.

That is why Barnett Jackal features an unbelievable warranty offer that you’d find amazingly interesting. The crossbow comes secured under a long five-year period of warranty time. Within this long time, all the problems and issues will be covered by the manufacturer Barnett.

One thing that we’d like you to notice closely is it’s a limited warranty. As far as a rule implies, a limited warranty would cover certain parts of your crossbow. It can include most of the parts, or it can include one or two key sections. So, we’d ask you to discuss with the manufacturer before purchase and make sure on which exact parts they’re offering this warranty on.

Another rule of limited warranty suggests that the manufacturer and the user share a certain percentage of repair costs. So, again, although an outstanding offer, you should still consult with Barnett and internalize the exact terms and conditions beforehand, so you don’t get into trouble in the later stage.

Foot Stirrup

Foot Stirrup is another crucial feature that you’re getting in this extremely well-admired piece of equipment. This is highly important in crossbows as it helps you cock properly. A foot stirrup is mainly used to place your foot inside so that it gives you the required stability and hold while you’re pulling the string up, putting intense pressure.

So, as this crossbow houses a quality foot stirrup, you get just the right pull and cocking with it. Offers you a quick loading and unleashing your arrow for an instant hunt!

Is it Durable?

One of the key questions asked while buying a crossbow is whether it’s durable or not. As crossbows are equipment that you use outdoors, hunting big games, durability is one of the key factors that you’d be looking for any time you want your hands on one of these.

In terms of discussing this masterpiece’s durability, this gets a high score in this department. The way it’s built is super strong and should easily cope with the outside terrain every time you use it. This durably strong crossbow is something that pro hunters like you would enjoy every time!

Barnett Jackal Crossbow Review – Summary

So, overall this is one of the most outstanding pieces of equipment you can get within budget. We view it as an ideal option for beginners who are still learning to use crossbows for hunting. Just remember that it’s a serious item that can inflict severe injury if misfired, so caution is highly necessary.

Apart from the beginners, this can very well be a perfect pick for advanced hunters and can offer you the power you’re looking for any day! So, if you consider the power, accuracy, and other key features like durability and construction design, this is something that any hunger would love to have on the deck!


Is the Barnett Jackal a good crossbow?

Absolutely, yes. If you’re going for entry-level hunting gear, it can provide you with everything you need.

Does Barnett make good crossbows?

Yes, They have plenty of quality crossbows in their line of products.

How fast does a Barnett Jackal Crossbow shoot?

It’s extremely quick as it shoots 315 feet per second.

How far will a crossbow shoot accurately?

For accurate shooting, 30-40 yards distance is ideal. You should require better skin if you want to shoot further.

Can a crossbow kill a bear?

Why not? With enough power, they can easily take bears down.

Final Thoughts for Barnett Jackal Crossbow Review

As you have observed already, in our Barnett Jackal Crossbow Review, we attempted to give you a complete understanding of the item from its power to design and other critical specifications.

From our detailed analysis, it’s quite clear that it’s one of the best picks for beginner hunters. If you’re new to the hunting arena and confused about which crossbow to go for. Then, this is an item you can pick any day without any hesitation. Comes with extreme force and is reinforced with durable construction, protected under a long five-year limited warranty- this is an offer hard to refuse. Go, get your stuff, and start taking down games right now!


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