Bring home the outdoor toy! Learn all about Barnett Whitetail Hunter Crossbow


If you’re looking for a quality crossbow in the affordable range, this Barnett Whitetail Hunter Crossbow is something that you’re perhaps looking for. This is one of the most advanced crossbows in the market and something that you will enjoy your hunting hours with.

There are a few things that one must consider before getting the right crossbow. From the crossbow weight to the quality of the scope there are tonnes of things that you can look at before getting a crossbow. We expect our review to be exclusive out of the many Barnett Whitetail Hunter Crossbow reviews you’ll find.

We will critically analyze the various features of this advanced crossbow and deliver our opinion about it. 

Barnett Whitetail Hunter Crossbow

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Now you’re going to know what you should know all about the Barnett Whitetail Crossbow.

Overall Weight 

Weight is something that is always important in terms of getting an advanced-class crossbow. If the importance of the crossbow is high, then it may get difficult for you to use it with maximum comfort. Further, it may also hinder quick reflex movements in times of sharp target shooting. 

The weight of Barnett Whitetail Hunter Crossbow is 6.4 lbs. This lightweight crossbow will give you the flexibility to maneuver it the way you want. This hunting crossbow helps you move it swiftly as you go hunting in the wild.

Draw Weight

Now, another thing you’re going to know Draw weight refers to the amount of force required while pulling bows. Well, the draw weight of this hunting crossbow is quite good. As you may already know 40-pound draw weight is enough to kill whitetails. Further, with 50 pounds you will get to kill giant game like moose or elk.

The draw weight of this crossbow is Barnett Whitetail Hunter Crossbow 150 lbs with which you will have many options to hunt. 


Affordability is always a thing for consideration in terms of getting a quality product, whether that be crossbows or something else.

This crossbow comes at a price point that you would find it quite affordable. It’s an advanced crossbow for a hunter on a budget. This budget crossbow comes with many of the features of a high-end crossbow. 


Compactness is also something that you’d want to find in your crossbow. This Barnett Whitetail Hunter II is a stylish-looking compact crossbow that you’d want to go hunting with. 

Shooting Speed 

Your crossbow must have a good shooting speed with which you will be able to pierce through the animal you’re hunting. Without meeting the required shooting speed, you will not be able to injure or kill your target, so shooting speed is always critical while going for a deadly crossbow. 

Barnett Whitetail Hunter Crossbow comes with an astonishing 350 feet per second shooting speed. This is phenomenal. With such a speed, you will get 150 lbs of kinetic energy. 


The scope is pretty good. The clarity of the range of this crossbow is superb. It comes with a scope protector to safeguard your range from any scratch marks. The scope comes with a magnification of 4×32, which is quite good for a crossbow. This will allow you to magnify your target and get a better view. Although the factory scope comes with some adjustment difficulties, it will significantly increase your accuracy and will give you the desired zoom. 

Packaging and Components

The packaging of this beast is just speechless IMO. It comes in a big and compact black box. The box is made out of hard paper, designed in a way that the crossbow doesn’t suffer any damage while it is being shipped and delivered to your doorstep.

The parts of this crossbow come separately, so you will have to put them together. It may sound a bit difficult, but actually, it’s pretty easy. All screws and setup types of equipment are provided in the package. You will also get two 28 arrows in the package.


Again, this crossbow comes with trigger tech technology. You’ll get to pull the trigger for a confirmed shot with this crossbow. This trigger comes with a 3lb zero creep release. This also comes with nock sensors and anti-dry fire, which will provide you with the required safety.

Barnett has worked a lot in their trigger system, as it seems. The trigger is a metal injection molded trigger, which should give you more comfort while shooting. 

Material Used

While buying any sort of product of steel, we always try to make sure it’s stainless. Barnett Whitetail Hunter Crossbow comes with components that are all made up of stainless steel material. Stainless steel is resistant to heat and fire 

Custom Upgrade

This is another key selling point of this crossbow. Barnett here is giving you an offer that you won’t refuse. They’re offering you an astonishing $200 custom trigger upgrade! This trigger with frictionless release technology will give you a smoother trigger experience, something you may have longed for until now. 


Accuracy is always a thing for consideration while buying crossbows. You’d still want your crossbow to perform with precision cause hunting in the wild highly requires that.

Animals, in general, are incredibly conscious of little noises that come while shooting an arrow from a crossbow. That is why it needs to be error-free. Barnett Whitetail Hunter II in this regard is a high-performance crossbow. The accuracy that it comes with is phenomenal. It will help you hunt different sorts of animals with the utmost precision. So, in terms of accuracy, it’s a highly reliable choice. 

Foot Stirrup

Foot stirrup helps you cocking. You can put your foot inside the foot stirrup and use your hand to cock the arrow or you can use a rope cocking device as well.

One thing about this foot stirrup is that it does not vibrate. A vibrating foot stirrup can be a pain sometimes and can leave you with a feeling of discomfort while cocking. But, with this anti-vibration foot stirrup device, you will be able to perform cocking without any irritation. 

Dryfire Protection 

We have analyzed all the positives of this crossbow. Now, it’s time for its cons. The dryfire protection feature is one of these crossbow drawbacks. Because this feature won’t be able to decock once you have cocked your bow. So, what to do if you have cocked your bow?

The only way you can decock the bow is to shoot it with a bolt in. Crossbows without dryfire protection can be decocked while pulling the string up and pressing the trigger and letting it back down. But, it’s not the case with this crossbow. So, once cocked you will Have to shoot it on whatever game you want or you will need a shooting block so that you can shoot into it. It’s a massive problem as you may need to carry an extra shooting block while going hunting in case you need to decock.

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User Manual

The crossbow does not come 100% assembled. Especially if you’re new to crossbows and stuff, you will need the help of the user manual to get things in order. Unfortunately, the manual does an excellent job of scaring new users in the field of the crossbow. They come with severe warnings here and there; we’re not saying that they’re entirely unnecessary, but too much of it may frighten the newcomers away. 

Furthermore, the manual also lacks the right amount of diagrams and pictures. The manual IMO turns out to be a bit ineffectual in terms of serving its purpose. Barnett perhaps has made the manual for those who are professional hunters who use crossbows as their primary equipment not designed for newcomers. Lastly, the user manual could and should have been a bit more detailed and explanatory. 

Rope Cocking Device 

Barnett Whitetail Hunter II also comes with a rope cocking device. The rope cocking device is a great help for those who find it difficult to cock the bow with a hand. It eases down the job for the hunter and lets to use the bow without getting tired much. 


The design of this beast is outstanding. Looks sharp and sporty. This crossbow comes in Realtree extra camo. It will help you use the tree covers as camouflage so that you don’t get detected by the animals while hunting.


Finally, considering the overall features of this crossbow, we can undoubtedly say that it is a pure beast. Although, the scope needs a bit of adjustment and the user manual can be a bit cryptic for newcomers. Leaving these two aspects aside, it’s a great buy at the price point. From quality design to proper packaging, from lightweight and strong materials to outstanding shooting speed, this crossbow is a great deal in the market right now. The brand value and market reputation are also something that you can trust before making a purchase. All in all, you can easily consider this crossbow for possible purchases! 

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