Making some time out from the busy days and taking your excited babies for the expedition is something heavenly. For you and your family, it can be just amazing quality time pass, can’t it? Surely, it is easy to guess how concerned you are about your growing children. You must have the wish to nourish your children in a way as they should gather well physical and mental fitness.

In this regard, bow hunting can be a great option for you. It can bring a lot of excitement to your loving children. While you are outing with your family outdoors, the bow set should be a name on your carrying list.

Now, deciding on buying a bow set for your young children is a difficult task for you. It may raise confusion in your mind to get the best one for your children. In the market, you will find that different brands are supplying numerous bow sets for the youth.

Choosing the best one among them may seem hard nut to crack for you. That’s why we have gone through deep research to find the best one which has all the necessary features to suit your children most. In the continuation of that we have found out the best one and from this article, you will come to know about its all features.

Bear Archery Scout Bow Set: OverView

Bear Archery Scout Bow Set image

Based on our extensive research, we find this model is the most suitable for your children. The children whose ages are from 4 to 7, will be the best ones for them. It comes in a set including an arrow quiver, a view nail, two revival spectacles arrows, an armguard, and the wrapper. Thus, this model has become a supplier for cool shooting.

You will find well-tuned limbs with it for which you can use the bow in both your left hand and right hand according to your needs.  For your younger children, it can have all the features to have enjoyment while shooting.  They can get safety from unwanted damages with the safety gear provided with it.

Moreover, it will not create pain on your children’s shoulders because of its lightweight. The colorful design will grab their minds easily. Just keep in mind that it is not a hunting or competition-purpose server.

You can just use it to introduce your children to the bow and its activities. The main goal of buying this bow set is to provide some amusement to your children. Later in this article, we are coming up with details features of it.

Key Specification of Bear Archery Scout Bow Set

bear archery scout bow set image

Let’s have a look at the main specification of this model. These are the following-

  • It has got 8-13 pounds of draw weight.
  • The length range of it is 16 to 24 inches.
  • The manufacturer recommends it for 4-7 years old children.
  • It is 33 inches extended ambidextrous bow along with well-tuned limbs.
  • It has got only 4 pounds of weight.
  • The shooting speed capacity of this bow is up to 280 FPS.

see Bear Archery Scout Bow Set unboxing video..

Draw Weight of Bear Archery Scout Bow Set

The draw weight refers to the total amount of weight that you will require while drawing the arrow from the bow. For children, the too-much-weighted bow has got little importance to do so. Bear Archery Scout Bow Set has got excellent draw weight which suits very well with your children’s capacity. The draw weight of it is only 8-13 pounds.

But still, you cannot adjust it according to your choice. Your children have to cope with this draw length. In some cases, it may seem that this draw weight makes the bow very vulnerable. But through our study, we have found that this draw weight is well enough for your children. You can have a worry-free purchasing decision to have it.

With this, your children can learn well about how to use a bow while shooting. Though, few children find it difficult that the draw length is not adjustable but still it can be a great source of fun for the children.

Draw Length of Bear Archery Scout Bow Set

It completely depends on the size of the children. You should choose one which befitted for your children. For this, they will feel comfortable shooting with the bow. In this model, the manufacturer has offered the draw length from 16 to 24 inches. It varies according to the ages of the children. Different aged of children have got different draw lengths.

Before purchasing any of the sizes you should be sure about your children. It is also not adjustable. To release your arrows from the bow, you should be in a perfect position. It will transfer power and increase speed while shooting. To secure that kind of situation you should provide perfect draw length to the young.

The draw length of this model was introduced in a way that suits your children accurately. You should help your children to pick up the right position to get an attachment with the draw length easily.

Arrows of Bear Archery Scout Bow Set

The arrows of it are not so unique because it has been introduced in the market only for children. So, there is no necessity to design it in a way that can compete with the aged people’s bow. It is so obvious and we can say you have no issue regarding this. The arrows contain plastic which is the main material to build it.

That’s why; it is quite thin and light-weighted. In spite of it, the bows can release high speedy arrows because it has got an impressive string for a power shot. These are quite colorful and your children going to love shooting. You know it has got two revival spectacles and glass arrows with this bow.

These are quite effective for children to shoot outdoors. But you should keep in mind that the plastic arrows may have friction in a windy situation. For long durability, the arrows must not hit any solid things directly like rock or metal.

Draw Cycle of Bear Archery Scout Bow Set

The draw cycle of this bow set is almost 5 to 10 rounds which are quite perfect for children. With it, your children will get a toe wrapper which they should use with a chord while shooting. They need to do this because the finger can slide down and it may become difficult for them to shoot exactly at the target. Besides, it may create uneasiness for your children.

The manufacturer has stated that with this a child can hit the target covering a 30-yard-long distance. The shot can be accurate within this circle. The manufacturer has set this draw cycle by considering the shooting capacity of the children from the specific age group. On every occasion, the cycle is quite perfect for little children. 

Components of Bear Archery Scout Bow Set

You will have amusement for its highly appreciated components. Though this bow has come into the market getting children as its target user, the manufacturer has put lots of effort to deliver quality components. This model is quite durable for its components in comparison with other brands.  The body of the bow has used upgraded plastic and the chord is full of nylon.

The chord has attached to the bow using two wheels on the bending edge. This is quite tightening for generating the necessary power. The limbs of it quite are effective for the children. For better grip for your children, you can provide a wrapper that will ensure better control of the bow accordingly. the manufacturers have produced all the components to provide quality service to the children.

  • It has come at a very low price which is affordable for you.
  • Your children will like it because of its nice colorful looks.
  • Your children can easily handle it.
  • You will find it ambidextrous and that means both left-handers and right-handers can use it.
  • It is a total set of important accessories like an armguard, revival spectacle glasses, the wrapper, and arrow quiver.
  • Your children can get lots of excitement with it.
  • It has got very lightweight and durable.
  • It is not suitable for children whose ages are more than 7 years.
  • The size of it is very small.
  • Draw weight and draw length are not adjustable.

Final Thought

It is a very excellent bow set for the children. A new archer, your children will find it a unique source of entertainment. Besides, the price of it is under your affordability and that’s why you can buy it for your children without having any confusion. On the other hand, the quality of this bow set is quite magnificent. Though some parents raise issues regarding their speed and accuracy, these are not so significant. You should keep in mind that this model is not for professional hunting. With it, your children get fun and become familiar with archery. So, if you can ignore the speed and accuracy, then this model can be the best option for you.  

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