10 Best Single Pin Bow Sight Review [Updated 2023]

Being a fan of archery, there are certain things that are your top priority when it comes to the right accessory. Good single-bow sight is certainly one of those accessories. It allows you to see the point to aim your bow clearly. Having a good quality single bow sight will definitely help your game by improving the aiming.

But let me get straight, choosing a good single bow sight is not as easy as it may seem. There are plenty of varieties of these in the market. From cheap to costly, simple to complicated, and made with various materials- finding the right type of bow sight can be quite confusing. Most of the time people ignore the features and go by the look which leaves them with the wrong bow sight.

Do not worry. We are here to help you with that. We went online and did an in detail research on products with customer experiences to get you an idea of some of the best products available in the market.

Here it goes.

So here is a review of the 10 best single-pin bow sights for you. Later on, we will add a buying guide so you can have an overall idea about what things to consider when buying the best single-pin bow sight.

10 Best Single Pin Bow Sight Reviews

Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight

Famous for producing popular and quality products, Trophy Ridge is a well-known and respected company. This particular model Pursuit vertical pin bow sight is undoubtedly one of the best creations right now. It has everything an archer needs- precision, accuracy, and balance.


  • Size:  With a dimension of 9x8x3 inches, this bow sight weighs only 8.8 ounces which makes it lightweight and handy is easy to use.
  • Materials: Aluminum body is engineered in such a way that it becomes very easy for both left-handed and right-handed archers. Also, the aluminum body makes it strong and more durable than others.  The pin to adjust the bow is made of fiber optic.
  • Accuracy: The vertical fiber optic pin is 0.019″ which can be narrowed in on the target with a snap. This super-precise Ultra bright bow pin seems easy on the eyes. The indicator pins have glow indicators for more accuracy. The brightness is easily adjustable to match any condition during hunting with rheostat light. So you get more accuracy even in absurd conditions.
  • Adjustment: This single-pin bow sight can be adjusted without making any metal-to-metal sound as it has Delrin bushings which help hunt quietly.
  • Color and style: This particular model comes only in black color. It has both styles available- left and right-handed.
  • The durable Aluminum body ensures durability and lightweight
  • Comes with 3rd axis adjustability
  • Can be mounted easily in any kind of bow
  • Rheostat side light available for a better view in the dark
  • Glow indicator
  • Ultra bright- easy to visualize
  • Silent adjustment by Delrin bushings
There is no side tape included

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TRUGLO Range-Rover Bow Sight with PRO LED

TRUGLO Range-Rover Bow Sight with PRO LED

TRUGLO RANGE-ROVER has been a leading name associated with single-pin bow sights. With time, they have been improving in technique, quality, and perfection. It features the Zero In range adjustment dial, with which you can make a silent adjustment.

PWR-Dot’s illuminated center dot technology now allows you to have more accuracy even in long-distance while hunting. It comes with features for both right and left-handed shooters.


  • Size: this single-pin bow sight comes with a dimension of 10.2×11.3.5 inches and weighs about 1.05 pounds.
  • Material: CNC machined aluminum made sight stands strong than those made with plastic. It’s durable, rustic, and well-constructed.
  • Accuracy:  the PWR DOT Illuminated center dot technology is such an innovative extension that will let you aim for your long-distance goal easily. The ½” diameter with a green center dot and black reference makes the aim extremely accurate.
  • Adjustment: yardage and windage adjustments are toolless, I.e. they don’t require any tools to adjust. The Zero In dial allows you to adjust the arrow faster. Micro-adjustable windage ensures precision.
  • Styles: It can be configured on both the left and right-hand sides. Also comes in 1-dot and 2-dot styles.
  • Yardage and windage change is easy and can be done without any tool
  • 11 different brightness level allows you to hunt in any situation.
  • Power dot provides extreme accuracy.
  • Quick adjustments are possible with the Zero In Wheel.
  • Scopes and lenses or other accessories can be easily attached to the sight.
Weighing a little over a pound, it may seem a bit heavy.

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HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra .019 Sight (DS-5019)

HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra .019 Sight (DS-5019)

Among the many renowned single-pin bow sights, HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra .019 Sight is a leading one. The name may seem mouthful but it has a trusted group of customers because of its many attracting features. It belongs to the expensive sights group because of its exceptional features. So if you are willing to spend a bit more, you can take this advanced piece of bow sight.  


  • Size: This amazing bow sight is 8x5x2 inches in diameter and weighs only 8.8 ounces. Thus making it lightweight and easy to carry. It has a 1 5/8 inch sight housing and 3 inches of fiber optic cable.
  • Materials: 100% machined Aluminum not only makes the body look good but also durable.
  • Adjustment: This device requires no tool during adjustments of the micro windage and elevation. So it becomes easy to operate while you are hunting or playing a tournament.
  • Yardage dial system: The most unique feature of this bow sight is probably the yardage dial system. There is a wheel that controls the dial which allows you to control the accuracy precisely. This feature is not very common in other sights.
  • Accuracy: With the yardage dial system this bow sight gives amazing accuracy. Depending on the skills it will allow you to have the finest accuracy up to 80 yards. The single 0.019″ fiber optic cable-made pin is 3 inches in size and very bright which will make sure you don’t miss any shots. 
  • Color and styles: This single bow sight comes only in the left-handed style. It is black in color.
  • Indestructible A.R.M.O.R technology protects the pin
  • Tool-less and micro-adjustments for easy windage, yardage, and elevation adjustments
  • Sight in from 20 to 80 yards can be done easily
  • Supports quiver mounting
  • Pre-marked sight tape is available
  • A little expensive
  • No rheostat light is there

HHA Optimizer Lite 3019

HHA Optimizer Lite 3019

This particular piece of single-pin bow sight is voted the number one for 10 years. This says about the quality and the popularity of this sight. Strong construction, precision, accuracy, protected pin- anything that makes it the best sight is there. Being the best for a long time, it can be your ideal choice as a single-pin bow sight for hunting or even 3D competition.


  • Size and Materials: 100% compact mechanized aluminum makes this bow sight durable for a longer time. 2 inches of 0.019 fiber optic pin is available.
  • Accuracy: The accuracy serves you very well regardless of your game type or skill. Preprinted sight tapes will help you attain more accuracy during the shoot from 20 yards to 80 yards. The micro click adjust system has five yards increment so you can have maximum accuracy.
  • Adjustment: The micro-adjustable windage allows you to adjust in a snap of a finger. Elevation adjustments can be made by only the pressure of the finger. Tool-free adjustment so doesn’t need any extra accessories.
  • Other features: The fiber optic pin is protected by sight housing of 1-5/8 inches with a yellow-green sight ring.
  • Color and style: it comes in both left and right-hand styles. The color is black. The pin comes in 0.010 and 0.029 inches also.
  • Easy and fast adjustments by micro-adjustable windage.
  • Easy and fast tool-less adjustments
  • A bright yellow-green sight ring for accuracy
  • Pre-printed sight tapes with 5 yards increments Are included
  • Light or lenses cannot be attached
  • Check price

TRUGLO Range-Rover Series

TRUGLO Range-Rover Series

TRUGLO Range-Rover, one of the most popular brands for bow sight, brings this advanced, modern, and silky smooth single-pin bow sight which is amazing by the way. If you are an archer who is looking for an all-in-one bow sight that is easy to use, easy to adjust, less hustling, and advanced in features- this might be the right choice for you.


  • Size and material: This TRUGLO Range-Rover Series weighs under a pound i.e. 2.72 ounces making it extremely lightweight. The diameter of this sight is about 8.8×4.2×3.5 inches. Aluminum provides solid construction. 100% of mechanized aluminum ensures longevity.
  • Accuracy: This single-pin bow sight ensures precise accuracy. The pin is illuminated with a bright light so finding the accurate point won’t be a problem.  The fiber optic covered pin comes in different sizes, allowing the archer to pick sight according to their sight preferences. A 2x lens provides more accuracy. Extremely bright pin sight allows you to see easily even in a darker place.
  • Adjustment: The Micro adjustment is ensured by the tool-less windage adjustment. There is an optional zero-in-range adjustment dial which is super-fast. Preprinted yardage tape is included. So most of the work is done by the sight itself and all you have to do is to aim and shoot.
  • Color and style: Black and camouflage- both the colors are available. Both left hand and right-hand styles are available too. 0.019 and 0.010 inches of pin sizes are available.
  • An illuminated green dot for accuracy
  • 11 brightness option for every light  condition
  • The green sight ring glows in the dark increasing visibility.
  • Zero in adjustment dial for precision
  • Tool-less adjustments
  • Lenses and quivers can be easily added
Poor battery life sometimes

Trophy ridge driver slider sight

Trophy ridge driver slider sight

When it comes to quality bow sight, trophy ridge cannot be ignored. Trophy ridge produces top-class bow sights as no one can. This time they bring this single pin bow sight with more advanced features at a slightly higher price. Sight light, low light indicator tape, fiber optic pin- what do you want more?


  • Size and material: it may seem a little heavy as they weight over a pound, 1.4 pounds. The sight is 11x5x2.5 inches in diameter. The body is made of compact and 100% mechanized aluminum, which gives it strength and longevity.
  • Accuracy: The pin is of fiber optic which is 0.029 inches and is Ultra bright. So that it glows even in the darkest place and allows you to take an accurate shot. The indicator pin lets you do the alteration easily. There is a Glow indicator tape which helps you to acquire the accuracy in adverse lighting condition.
  • Adjustments: Silent adjustment is one of the most interesting features of this bow sight. The sight is finished with nylon bushing which allows silent movement and no metal to metal sound while adjusting. The adjustment is tool-less so no need to carry extra equipment for adjustment. What a relief when you are in the field!
  • Color and style: This sight comes in black and available in both left and right-hand styles.
  • Ultra-bright, 0.029 inches fiber optic is quite long to detect the aim easily.
  • Adjustable indicator pin allows adjusting accurately
  • Silent adjustment by nylon bushing, so no metal to metal sound while adjusting
  • Sight light is included for ease of shooting even in darker conditions.
  • Slightly heavier than other single pin bow sight
  • The price may seem a little bit expensive

Trophy Ridge React 1 pin bow sight

Trophy Ridge React 1 pin bow sight

When you decide to go for single pin bow sight, you definitely need the best one, you deserve the best one. Then Trophy Ridge Clutch 1 Pin Bow Sight is definitely something you should try.  You may wonder about the slightly higher price but the excellent build-up, finishing, and functions will make this worthy.


  • Size and material: Made of 100% mechanized aluminum this particular model is strong, rugged and durable. Weighing over a pound this bow sight won’t disappoint you.
  • Accuracy: with the green fiber optic pin and the rheostat which has 3 different setting options, makes the sight more accurate. The react technology in this bow sight will help to calculate the gaps between the yards and allow you to be more accurate. Thus technology us exclusive to Trophy Ridge.
  • Adjustment: The react 1 pin bow sight has made the adjustment so easy and fast that half of the work of the archer is done. The pin comes in 0.019 and 0.910 sizes. The silky-smooth yardage, windage, and elevation is micro-adjustable and don’t need any tools. There are pre-printed sight tapes available.
  • Color and styles: This react 1 bow sight comes only in black. But they are definitely available in both left and right-hand styles. 
  • The exclusive react technology calculates the yards with mathematical precision.
  • Advanced micro click and tool-less windage adjusting makes it easy to use
  • Fiber optical yardage indicator pin helps you in any adverse condition
  • You can add size 1-5/8 lenses to it.
  • Rigid and compact in design
  • Weighing over a pound it may feel heavy.
  • Price is slightly higher

HHA Optimizer Lite 5510

HHA Optimizer Lite 5510

You know what they say about HHA optimizer- One chance, one pin, one choice. This shows the determination and dedication to single pin bow sight. Constructed of aluminum, this strongly built HHA Optimizer Lite 5510 has HHA’s green sight ring, tool-less micro-adjustment system, and latest A.R.M.O.R technology, which have made it the best single pin bow sight 3 years in a row.


  • Size and Material: 100% mechanized aluminum gives this bow sight a rock-solid construction thus making it durable and strong. This sight weights about 10 ounces.
  • Accuracy: It has the most accurate yardage tape system which allows determining from 20 to 80 yards. This is said to be the most accurate yardage in the industry. 1.525″ and 2″ sight housing with a rheostat. The sight ring is bright and visible for most accurate aiming.
  • Adjustment: First of all, it has a tool-free adjustment, so the adjustment is very easy and very fast. The rheostat feature helps to change the pin brightness of the sight in a blink. The yard adjustment is easy by the exclusive yardage dial system.
  • Color and style: This one comes in black color and both left and right-hand style. The pin has 3 sizes available 0.010, 0.019 and 0.029.
  • Other features: This sight is made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Additional HHA kit B lens of 2, 4 and 6 powers can be added for better accuracy
  • It features a Mathews harmonic damper
  • RDS (Range Dial Shoot) technology available
  • The rigid design which will not break easily
Price is higher than many

Trophy Ridge Clutch 1 Pin Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge Clutch 1 Pin Bow Sight

Clutch 1 pin bow sight from Trophy Ridge is one state of the art creation. This single pin bow sight is full of advanced features which let you experience the best. This well designed and supremely functional bow sight is definitely worth a try.


  • Size and material: Made of mechanized aluminum along with stainless steel hardware make it not only durable and rigid but also sleek and stylish. Clutch 1 pin bow sight weights 14.4 ounces.
  • Accuracy:  it has custom double-sided sight tape which makes it easy to find the aim quicker with the help of pin indicators. The indicator can pinpoint 20-100 yards with 1-yard increment. It also has a friction drive system which ensures precise accuracy. The ultra-bright fiber optic pin lets you see the aim clearly even in the dark.
  • Adjustment: Micro cluck windage adjustment system allows you to adjust with literally a finger press. Tool-less windage and elevation adjustments along with 2nd axis adjustability make this one easy to use the device.
  • Color and style: only black color is Available. And it is available for only right-handed style.
  • Single ultra-bright 0.019″ fiber optic pin for elevated visibility
  • Fast and silky smooth friction drive available
  • Micro adjustment and elevation ensuring ease of adjustments and it has a tool-free adjustment system
  • Well constructed body made with Aluminum and stainless steel
  • Rheostat sight light enhances the accuracy
Doesn’t come with instructions set, so might be a little difficult to assemble

TRUGLO Pendulum Ultimate Treestand Bow Sight

TRUGLO Pendulum Ultimate Treestand Bow Sight

If you are looking for a pendulum single pin bow sight, there are some out there. But if you need a fully-featured advanced model, then this is definitely for you. Because most of the pendulum bow sight is either costly or low quality. But TURGLO, being one of the most trusted companies, brings this particular model which is top quality but not a rip-off.


  • Size and material: Although this bow sight is made of aluminum this is extremely lightweight and sturdy. Aluminum makes it durable and rust-resistant. It weighs around 9.6 ounces and 5.5x3x4 in diameter.
  • Accuracy: Shielded fiber optic and electronic light in the body allow the archer to aim accurately even in low light. The single pin can precisely point out the aim by light. The pin is 0.019″. The pendulum helps to shoot accurately and doesn’t get clogged. The pendulum can be locked if you want to shoot on the ground.
  • Adjustment: Tool-less, micro-adjustment allows you to adjust the windage, yards, and elevation so easy and smooth that on-field you don’t have to worry about anything but shooting. Preprinted sight tape is also included. Silent adjustment is available which means no metal to metal sound occurs.
  • Style and color: Only black color is available. It has both left hand and right handed styles. Other than these you can have either adjustable bracket or fixed bracket.
  • Silent adjustment
  • The aluminum body makes it rustic and durable
  • Automatically offset up to 35 yards.
  • Treestand sights
  • Removable rheostat light so no need of battery anymore.
  • The bright sight light can be removed, where it is not allowed in the hunting season.
Left-hand adjustment needs the removal of the screw

At the end of the day, quality matters. For a good quality bow sight, you shouldn’t hesitate to spend a little more money.  But, you must ensure if you have got what you need. Among the thousands of variations of single pin bow sight finding one is hard, we understand that. So check out our well-researched article and have an idea about the overall quality of some of the best single pin bow sights and then decide what to get for yourself. You will not be disappointed for sure.

Archery is a game of precision, perfection, and accuracy. You need to be highly skilled to rule this sport. But however skilled you may be, without the perfect accessories it is never enough. And a good quality single pin bow sight can be that fitting companion.

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How To Buy The Best Single Pin Bow Sight?

A bow sight is an accessory for the bow, which is attached to the bow to aim better. We are not saying that one can not shoot without sight but it becomes quite difficult to aim for long-distance objects. If you have the best single pin bow sight you can easily be a good archer increasing your skill.

But before getting one you have to understand the basics of a single pin bow sight if not the Alpha and Omega.

Here are some factors you need to keep in mind while choosing the best single pin bow sight:

Determining the need:

Choosing a bow sight can get quite confusing as there are many available in the market. So before choosing you to need to consider a few factors.

First of all, you need to decide what kind of Archery are you interested in? Are you a professional tournament shooter, are you a bow hunter or are you an amateur shooter who is looking for fun only? There are some more factors such as close range, unknown range or anything else. Depending on the type of game you will find your desirable match.

Secondly, how advanced models do you need according to the practice time you get. If you are a beginner there is no need to get a complicated, advanced featured bow sight. Because that will be a waste of money. Again if you are a skilled archer, simple bow sight will only bore you, not challenge you further.

Then there is the concern of budget. Different price comes with different advantages. That is kind of a big deal. Because low budget quality cannot be satisfying. So you need to choose carefully to get the best of both worlds.


Sometimes people get fooled by the look and decorations and spend a fortune over them that they forget to check the quality out. As a result, they don’t get what they want. What we suggest is that spend your hard-earned money according to your needs, not according to your ability to spend. If you are a beginner, start with the minimum. For amateur archery where you want to have fun only, spend as little as possible. For hunting increase your budget and get a sight of a medium price range. For the tournament, spend a high price to get the maximum facilities.

Ease of use:

While buying a single pin bow sight keep an eye on the ease of use. Check if it allows the tool-less, locking and micro-adjustment facilities or not. These may cost a little bit but these will increase the ease of use. Because if you want to shoot a little long-distance you are going to need higher adjustment features.


Pin quality is something to consider before buying a single pin bow sight. A plastic made one is less durable than metals. Although nowadays most of the companies produce strong durable bow sights it won’t harm to check before buying, will it?


Now almost all pins are made of fiber optics. Fiber optics have a glass strand inside it. When it comes to contact with sunlight or any kind of light, the tip of the pin is lightened up like a battery-powered pin.

Sights pins also come in various sizes such as 0.010, 0.019 and 0.029 inches. The longer the pins are, the brighter the pins get making it easily visible. But sometimes it can cover the target.


If you decide to have a bow sight with a secondary light source, check out the battery. Because different light source needs different batteries. Many light sources need mechanical charging, and some need solar charging. So before getting a bow sight check which one is suitable for your needs. Although nowadays tritium and phosphorescent lights are also available which do not need any battery or that sort. Check them out too.


Not all kinds of bow sights are allowed legally in every state. In some states the single pin bow sights with light are illegal. Check if the features are legal in your states otherwise it will be an offense against the law.

What Makes A Good Single Pin Bow Sight?

A good single pin bow sight has some components and features. The following are the most important features that can be seen in a good bow sight:

  • Fiber optics: For hunting or sport archery, when it comes to the sighting, fiber optics are the best of all. It’s because the tip of fiber optic cable has a bright dot of light. Whether it is a day or night, bright light or low light, thus fiber optic tip can be seen properly. So, a good single pin bow sight will definitely have a fiber optic pin.
  • Bubble levels: Modern-day bow sights have pre-integrated bubble levels in them. Bubble level helps a bow to be leveled. This is very popular among compound shooters.
  • Lights: Basically the main light source of a bow sight is the fiber optic tip. But nowadays many bow sights offer secondary light sourcing to light up the tip better. It can be Battery powered LED light or a light stick. It can be fixed or optional. In that case, you can mount the light as you wish. The manufacturers put extra holes to add the lights on the sight. With the advancement of modern technology, manufacturers have started infusing tritium or phosphorescent. Tritium does not need batteries and can work up to 10 years. Phosphorescent glows in the dark.
  • Aluminum or plastic: The sight body is made of either plastic or aluminum. Nowadays, aluminum is more and more being used because if its durability. Aluminum is strong and gives the sight a rustic look. With CNC technology, aluminum is made with precision and accuracy. But that can become costly. Sights made of aluminum are costly than those made of plastic. That’s why many manufacturers use both aluminum and plastic together.  
  • Lens: When you are shooting indoors, you might not need a lens but in case of outdoor shooting, the lens can be a good advantage. Although all single pin bow sight does not allow this advantage some of them allow to have one.

Multi-pin VS single pin bow sight

As we said before, there are a lot of varieties in the type of bow sight. The most debated topic is between a multi-pin and Single pin which one is better? Before getting into that let’s found out what are they?

Multi-pin bow sights are those which have more than one pin, especially 3 to 6 pins. Although the standard multi-pin sight is the 3 pin sight. So you can have each pin for different yardage distances. Sometimes these pins are of different colors to let the archer differentiate the distance easily. These pins are fixed and can not be moved without any adjusting tool.

Single pin bow sight, as you can understand by the name, is a sight consisting of 1 pin mounted on the bow. Recently single pin bow sights are catching the attention of archers and getting popular day by day. The single pin is used for every distance. Where in the multi-pin bow sight the pin is constant at one place, in single pin bow sight the pin must be moved to adjust the distance.

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Why Choosing A Single Pin Bow Sight Is Important?

Now you may wonder why you should choose single pin bow sight over a multi-pin. Apart from the fact that every archer nowadays is interested in single pin sights, there are really some amazing advantages of single pin sight.

Let’s check them out:

Easy to adjust:

When we say easy to adjust, we mean to say no need to adjust again and again at all. It allows you to be able to shoot on point every time. For example, if you want to shoot 20 yards, you adjust the pin for 20 yards and you keep shooting. No extra adjustments, no guesswork- just hold dead on target.

Improvement of accuracy:

For a newbie archer, who never shot even once, also has a chance to shoot accurately. With a little demonstration and a little help with a single pin bow sight, anyone can shot one or two good shots. Because of the simplicity of the adjustment wheel, the beginners tend to buy the single pin bow sight. And with a little regular work, your accuracy can improve up to an impressive mark.

Less distraction:

A single pin sight lets you have clear visibility of the target eliminating the clutter of the pins. The 3 or more pins distract the vision. The hunters who have vision problems face this problem most. 

Lower chance of mistake

It would be such a shame if you lose a game just because of wrong pin adjustment. Many unlucky archers have missed the shot simply because of using the wrong pin. In this case, one single pin eliminates the chance of mistake.

Types Of Pin In A Single Pin Bow Sight

Now you know that there is multi-pin bow sight and Single pin bow sight. Again the single pin bow sight can have different pin type. Let’s have a look at them:

Adjustable or movable pin:

Almost all single pin bow sight has the movable pin in them. These pins are high in demand. The main reason for their popularity is that the pin can be moved and adjusted according to the target. All you need is a little practice to learn the adjustment. Although there is one issue that everyone has to face is that you need to adjust the pin every time when you are out on hunting.


These are very useful to those archers who shoot hanging from trees. In these sights, the pin is mounted on a pendulum. These are a little complicated to shoot. To get proper accuracy, the archer needs to carefully measure the distance. Beginners cannot handle these.

How To Know That You Need A Single Pin Bow Sight?

Although considering the advantages one might feel like having a single pin bow sight, but you should not choose one because they are easy. One should choose a single pin bow sight considering the following factors:

Hunting style:

Your hunting style reveals a lot about your bow sight. Most often the hunting method consists of a stand hanging from a tree or a ground blind and they are at more or less 30 yards distance. In this case, you need a single pin bow sight.


Your experience will determine the type of sights. Where multi-pin bow sights need adjusting and focus only an experienced archer can handle such sights. But for an inexperienced or less experienced archer would find it very suffix to adjust. So, considering the ease of use, a single pin can be the perfect choice for a new archer.

Amount of practice needed

Ask yourself, how devoted you are to archery. If you are deeply associated and want to master the sport, single pin bow sight can be a bit boring. Because with a single pin, 30 yards or less can be covered and at a point, it has nothing to offer. So if you are fully devoted to this, the single pin might not be your thing!

Ability to focus

An important fact to consider while choosing is how well do you focus. In the multi-pin bow sight, the pins cause clutter and distract the vision. If you are not good at focusing and want clear visibility, you definitely need to get a single pin bow sight.

Use Of The Single Pin Bow Sight

Use of a single pin bow sight is quite easy. It comes with all kinds of information from the manufacturers. But for your convenience, we’ve added it step by step. Have a look.

Firstly, attach the bow sight to the bow riser and install it with screws. Most of the bow risers have holes for the screws. Don’t install them too tight or you might have a problem to change the sight later.

The next step will be to align the pin of the sight correctly. Single pin bow sights are easier to use as they are not as distracting as multi-pin bow sights. It has only one pin, so adjusting it to the middle should not be a problem.

Sighting in the single pin bow sight is not as complicated as others. It’ll take a few moments. The adjustment dials will help to sight easily.

Maintenance Of Single Pin Bow Sight

Only the strong materials of bow sight don’t ensure the durability. For longer durability, you have to take proper care of your bow sight. Otherwise, it won’t serve you well.

Use cover for bow sights when they are not in use. The sight cover will protect the glass and pin. They are available at a very reasonable price.

Do a ‘mini-checkup’ before and after every shooting to check if everything is okay. Check the settings, adjustments and do take any measures if needed.

Maintenance of the bow riser is also important as this is the point where the bow sight takes place.

Regularly check if the screws are attached properly. They shouldn’t be too tight or too loose.

Frequently Asked Questions

number of sight

Q. What should be the standard length of the pin in single pin bow sight?

Ans: Usually there are many types of a pin according to the pin lengths. Mostly they are 0.010, 0.019 and 0.029 inches. If the pin is too small, you can have a hard time finding it. If the pin is larger than it may be easily visible but may cover the target. So, the medium-sized pin i.e. 0.019 is best for use.

Q. What equipment do I need to adjust my bow sight?

Ans: Nowadays most of the bow sights are so developed that they have a tool-less adjustment system. That means they don’t need any equipment for adjusting. However, for some bow sights, equipment like Allen Wrench may be needed. But that’s all about it. Nothing more is needed. The movable pin will do the rest on its own.

Q. How much should I spend on a single pin bow sight?

Ans: This particular thing totally depends on how much you can afford and what quality you ate looking for. But in general, sense, if you are a beginner or armature in archery just for fun you should spend as minimum as possible. And if you are a hunter, you can increase your budget and have a sight with fairly good features. But if you are a tournament player, you can invest more money to have the most advanced features.

Q. How long will my single pin bow sight last?

Ans: It totally depends on the quality of the product and how you maintain it. These days manufacturers produce quality products that are durable. But it also depends on the handling. Even a cheap bow sight can last longer if you handle with care.

Q. Is having a level on my bow sight important?

Ans: while having a level is not a must but it is slightly important. A level helps you to have a fixed sight and it forbids the sight to tilt. It also adds some precision to your bow. So, if you want more accuracy and precision it is better to have a level on the sight.

Q. I am a left-handed person. Can I use a bow sight?

Ans: Why not. Many single pin bow sights come in both the styles- for left-handed and right-handed people. All you need to do is to look for the right bow sight that matches your style.

Q. I am a beginner. Can I shoot accurately with a single pin bow sight?

Ans: Bow sights don’t make one accurate. They help to aim the target only. Accuracy depends on practice, experience, and dedication. The more you invest your time in this game, the more accurate you get.   

Final Words

Getting the best single pin bow sight can be pretty intimidating if you don’t understand the functions clearly. We tried to tell you everything there is to know about them so that you don’t get confused. But at the end of the day, it is you who will decide what to get for you.With the rising popularity of single pin bow sight, don’t just buy one blindly because everyone is. Check for the right features, decide what you need and leave what is not necessary. Listen to your heart. Because following the inner instincts is the