Best Multi-Pin Bow Sights in 2023 [Reviews & Buyer Guide]

Are you a fast archer? If you are then you must not like readjust your pin every time you change your yardage. So, not to face that all the time, you should buy a multi-pin bow sight. Well, you cannot just go off buying the sights you see at any store without judging.

So, in this article, we will talk about the best multi-pin bow sights that you can buy right now. Also, we will show you what to look for in a multi-pin bow sight or any bow sight. So, stay tuned.

Multi-pin bow sights Reviews

1. Trophy Ridge Volt 5-Pin Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge Volt 5 Pin Bow Sight

If you’re willing to know which multi-pin bow sight is suitable for new archers, then this one is the answer. The fact is that for a person to become a better archer using their first sight, they need more accessories to be added to their compact bow.

So, to make sure we become better hunters from the very first day, this sight is the answer. The fact that everyone wants to shoot their targets the very first day can be achieved using this multi-pin bow sight.


  • Adjustments:  The windage and the elevation settings require the Allen wrench for adjusting. Unlike other bows, with only one wrench you can adjust everything. The windage, pins, and elevation are laser engraved to aluminum for better accuracy. For precision, a bubble level is located in the sight ring. The ring is green and glows in the dark which helps to add visibility and quick focusing.
  • Accuracy: This multi-pin bow sight is designed to improve performance through accuracy and precision. Some very inexperienced archers have hit a bulls-eye from long-distance several times with this sight attached. Even first-timers have taken down deers with a precise lung shot. According to the price, it might seem to exaggerate but truly it does the job more accurately than any of its kind
  • Construction: It is well built, smart looking, lightweight, and low profile, making it the perfect choice for a low-budget setup for occasional and professional hunters. It is coated with Ballistix for vibration reduction. The aluminum-made mounting bracket has three different ways to mount this bad boy showing that it can be used absolutely in any type of compact bow. If one bracket gets damaged due to regular use, you can always use another bracket to mount it to your bow. 
  • Unique Features: An ideal purchase for both left-handed and right-handed archers.
  • Includes a bubble level
  • Has a glow-in-the-dark green colored sight ring
  • Can be easily switched from left-handed to right-handed users
  • Easy adjustment with one single wrench
  • The pin light is included and comes with batteries
  • Crafted for high accuracy
  • Some users have experienced weak brackets
  • Cannot be mounted without a wrench
  • Battery life isn’t pleasing

2. Trophy Ridge Peak Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge Peak multi-pin Bow Sight default image

Of all the listed multi-pin sights, one that is absolutely accused of making hunters more addicted to hunting is this one. Trophy ridge promises the sight image of a single pin with the reliance on multiple pins including state-of-the-art Vertical In-Line Pin Technology. This technology is undeniably the clearest and the most unobstructed sight view of all multi-pin bow sights.

No wonder why people get addicted to hunting due to using this sight. It has so much to offer at such a low price. You should definitely check what features it has to offer.


  • Adjustments: It is an easy adjustment procedure. You can use an Allen wrench to mount this bad bow to your bow. There are absolutely no complaints about any problems regarding the mounting of the sight to any type of bow. So, it means that it is compatible with all kinds of compact bows.
  • Accuracy: Clear sight gives greater accuracy than most other sights. The unobstructed view provides great accuracy options even to those who are not very professional with their bow and arrow. That means this multi-pin bow sight is actually for everyone.
  • Construction: Its aluminum build and copolymer design is considered one of the best features of this sight. It weighs about 1.7 pounds which is normal for an aluminum build multi-pin bow sight.
  • Unique Features: It has vertical in-line pin technology and a copolymer build. Also, the clearest sight picture of all bow sights.
  • Great build quality
  • Made of copolymer
  • Easy mounting
  • 25% lighter than usual sights
  • Improved technology
  • Vertical in-line pin technology
  • Cannot be used for both-handed archers
  • Have to buy separate versions for left-handed archers or right-handed archers

3. Trophy Ridge React V5 Bow Sight

trophy ridge react v5 best multi pin bow sight

One of the reasons why a multi-pin bow sight gets more hype than others is that people try to prove them mathematically wrong to judge the accuracy. But this one hasn’t been proven mathematically wrong. The build is claimed to be so accurate that it cannot be proven wrong even mathematically or hypothetically. 

This is what has created hype for this guy and archers have tried it out to check the accuracy level. All of them are satisfied to the highest level.


  • Adjustments: It offers tool-free micro-click adjustments. So, you won’t need any type of wrench to adjust this one. Some might ask questions that how reliable can the adjustment be. To be honest we asked the same question and tested out the sight ourselves. Found out that it was built with ultra-fiber optics. So, the measurement is more than accurate. Thus the build is kind of stronger than usual tool-adjusted bow sights.
  • Accuracy: Accuracy is not an option for this sight. It has been explained that it hasn’t yet been proven wrong by mathematics. So, it stands as accurate as a multi-pin bow sight should be.
  • Construction: Ballistix is basically an aluminum that keeps the bow sight way more durable and lightweight than usual. It’s possible only because the material is more expensive than regular aluminum. It has been drop-tested a lot of times and there haven’t been any cracks to the build of the sight. That proves it has a better build quality than most other multi-pin bow sights
  • Unique Features: The tool-free adjustments add a kick to the specifications.
  • Fiber optic pins are smaller in size which gives a better sight picture
  • Ballistix copolymer has better durability
  • Aluminum made body
  • No tool adjustment
  • Accuracy is better than most other sights
Limited to right-handed archers

4. Trophy Ridge Cypher 3 Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge Cypher 3 Bow Sight

The reversible mount design is actually catching the attention of a lot of hunters because surprisingly there are a lot of people who have power to their left hand and find it comfortable to use their bow and arrow with the left hand. The trophy ridge Cypher 3 offers the reversible mount design to be used in both ways for left-handed or right-handed archers.

Some people think that for a better sight they have to pay more money than usual. You can buy a sight two-three times higher than the price listed here, but if these sights offer you the same specs as the high-priced ones, why wouldn’t you buy them? Moreover, the copolymer is actually cheaper than aluminum which makes it easier for the manufacturers to reduce the price for their customers. Some of the archers don’t want to shoot anything unless it’s made of aluminum. But that depends on their choice. You can get the same feel on the Cypher 3.


  • Adjustments: Micro adjusting is the new thing. Unlike old-school bow sights, people are looking for ways to not use the tools that they used to. Cypher 3 has something similar to offer. You won’t need tools because it is made by using the ultra fiber optics method. To adjust the housing all you need is to wind some knobs and stuff. Thus you will have a fully functional multi-pin bow sight. Some people tried to prove that a non-tool adjustment might fail, but it didn’t.
  • Accuracy: The ultra-fiber tech makes the pin smaller than usual. Thus giving a better sight view to the hunters. Multi-pin bow sights are multipurpose. But dedicated especially to hunters. So, if you’re a hunter, you will understand why you are buying a multi-pin bow sight
  • Construction: It’s made of Ballistix copolymer. It is lighter than aluminum but tougher and cheaper. So, manufacturers prefer it. After some time aluminum sights will be obsolete. Some people still rely on aluminum sights, but they’ll surely cope with the technology in no time
  • Unique Features: It comes in two versions, 3 pins, and 5 pins.
  • Reversible mount design
  • Usable by both left-handed and right-handed
  • Ultra fiber optics technology makes the pin smaller for a better view
  • Extended mounting for accuracy
  • Comes with both 3 pins and 5 pins
Not accepted by many aluminum users

5. Trophy Ridge Fix Series Sight

Trophy Ridge Fix Series Sight

Have you ever asked any professional archers about the most dependable multi-pin bow sight? If you haven’t then this answer is new to you. Most archers who don’t hate non-aluminum-built sights have pointed out that the trophy ridge fix series are the most dependable multi-pin bow sights.

So, if you want a sight that you can depend on during hunting for more accuracy than usual, you should go for the trophy ridge fix series. They are micro-adjustable and made of lightweight materials extracted from aluminum. It’s usually hard to find toolless sights that are within a hundred bucks. But today is your lucky day Due to the cheap material used, it is one great multi-pin bow sight with all the features and less price.


  • Adjustments: Think about an extension of any weapon that is micro-adjustable. You will picture guns, assault rifles, and SMGs because only those high-tech weapons have the option for you to mount extensions without any tools. But now you can have the same technology on compact bows. Is it because of the compact bows? No, it’s because of the extensions. So, like any other extension of a gun, the fixed series sights can be mounted without any tools at all. There are knobs for adjusting, it’s called micro-adjustments.
  • Accuracy: Due to the micro-adjustments, the ultra fiber optic build has given birth to new possibilities. One of them is having better sight through the ring. Also, the pin-adding option gives a better idea to an archer of how he can make the best use of the sight. Thus giving more accuracy while hunting.
  • Construction: Build by Ballistix copolymer, makes the product cheap but lightweight and more durable than aluminum-made sights. It has four mounting positions allowing for both hand uses. Also, it helps if one bracket gets damaged it can be mounted using any other bracket.
  • Unique Features: The fixed series offers up to 7 pin sights for accuracy in a longer distance.
  • Lower price
  • Micro-adjustable pins for windage and elevations
  • 4 mounting positions
  • Tool-less adjustments
  • Better build quality
  • Lightweight
  • Higher accuracy
  • Not acceptable universally
  • A bit confusing for new archers

See the trophy ridge single pin bow sight

6. Field Logic IQ Bowsights With Retina Lock Technology

Field Logic IQ Bowsights With Retina Lock Technology

The advertisement of the field logic IQ claims that Shoot accurately in longer distances or your money back is guaranteed.” The reason behind a claim like this is the Retina lock technology. The pins are very bright and the setup is very easy. It builds confidence real quick and makes you confident enough to shoot tighter groups and have better overall form. 

The bigger name might suggest a great in-service multi-pin bow sight, which is true and undeniable. It really offers a greater set of features that you really need to focus on. Apart from the retina tock technology being the most important one, it has lots of other features to consider.


  • Adjustments: The adjustment is completely tool-free. The micro-adjustments can be done using knobs provided by the sight for easier extraction. You can easily adjust windage and elevation using the micro-adjustment knob. It’s actually a more comfortable way of doing the adjustments right. Because the tool-free motion gives you the chance of sudden change required at the field
  • Accuracy: The retina lock technology is introduced for a reason. The reason is that it will increase the accuracy a lot. You can actually shoot very accurately in longer distances.
  • Construction:  The sight is made of aluminum which is actually a green signal from the old-school compact bow sight users. The build is very sturdy and absolutely durable to its neck. It has an in-built bubble level with a diameter of 2 inches.
  • Unique Features: The retina lock technology controls your muscle, form, consistency, and accuracy giving you the chance of shooting at longer distances. It provides instant feedback which helps to identify the slightest change in torque or anchor point.
  • Better build quality
  • Retina lock Technology for accuracy
  • Better feedback of a change in torque and anchor point
  • Tool-free housing adjustment
  • Micro adjustments with small built-in knobs
  • Heavier because of aluminum built
  • Left and right-handed versions have to be bought separately.

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How to Buy The Best Multi-Pin Bow Sights?

Due to the advancement of technology, there are several types of bow sights available today. There are basically three types of compact bow sights that archers use. 

  1. Single Pin Bow Sight
  2. Vertical pin Bow Sight
  3. Multi-pin Bow Sight

Among these three types, the most preferred bow sight by hunters is the multi-pin bow sight. Why? There are some reasons why a hunter prefers a multi-pin bow sight over other sights.

  • Change in Target’s Position: When you’re at the target zone, you know that a target might be at a position within say 15 to 80 yards. But you don’t know for sure that will it be at 15 yards or 80 yards distance. So, in this case, a single-pin bow sight only allows you to set one distance yardage and shoot. But a Multi pin bow sight will allow you to set yardage between 15 meters to 80 meters. Thus you will get the opportunity to shoot as soon as the target gets in sight and in range.
  • Saves Time: Well, this point is actually related. When you will see that your target is farther than your yardage fixed location, you will have to start changing the yardage on your single-pin sight. But if the yardage is already pre-set in your multi-pin bow sight, you will not have to waste time changing the yardage, rather you will only be shooting out of your bow. So, it saves you time when you’re hunting. And trust me when I say this, the target will not stay at the same place till you change the yardage.
  • Price: A single-pin bow sight is almost as same priced as a multi-pin bow sight. It’s better to buy a sight that will ensure better targeting and better range accuracy.

These are the reasons why people choose multi-pin bow sights over the other two types of sights. The features of the multi-pin bow sights are quite the same. But some features make it obvious for archers to go for one specific sight instead of others.

Let’s discuss what we should look for in a multi-pin bow sight.

Better Build Quality

A multi-pin bow sight is made of aluminum or Ballistix copolymer. An aluminum-made sight costs more than usual and a Ballistix copolymer-made sight costs less. But as a matter of fact, both have almost the same durability aluminum having a bit more and Ballistix copolymer is actually 25% more lightweight than aluminum.

So, if a multi-pin bow sight is made of aluminum it will be heavier but a bit durable and a bit expensive. On the other hand, if it is made of Ballistix copolymer, it will cost less, will be lightweight, and be almost as the same durable as aluminum-made sights. So, the build material is not an option.

Easy Adjustments

Before the age of micro-adjustments, tools were required to adjust and housing of the multi-pin bow sights. But after the technology has been introduced, the housing has been settled by clips, and micro-adjustments are done by small built-in knobs. Some old school archers/hunters say that the clipping technology is not as efficient as the old wrench techniques. But it’s proven scientifically that it has almost the same durability as the tool used adjustments.

The plus point in this technology is that whenever you are in the field and require any small adjustment, you will not be required to carry any tools, rather you can make small changes by hand. It is very efficient while hunting.

Some new archers hate that it takes a lot of time to get ready after shooting one arrow because it takes a lot of time to change the yardage, windage, and elevation on the old-school compact bows. Whereas you can change all that in almost no time on newer versions of the sights. So, definitely, the technology is appreciable.

Better Accuracy

Day by day people is coming up with newer technologies to deal with the accuracy challenges. And every next sight is claiming more accuracy than the last one. There is actually no practical way of knowing which sight gives more accuracy than the other one. The only way of knowing that is by getting ideas from the one who has used the sights for their hunting or targeting purposes. 

So, to accurately know about the accuracy, you have to consult with professionals or check reviews that actually make sense. The above-listed 6 are actually selected based on their review and we have actually tested them out just to see how accurate they are. And surprisingly they are proven very accurate. Like the one which has the retina lock technology. It was tested out and actually proven one of the best multi-pin bow sights reviews for accuracy.

Why Should You Buy A Multi-Pin Bow Sights Instead Of a Single-Pin Bow Sight?

You can ask about what difference would it make if you buy a multi-pin bow sight rather than a single-pin bow sight, given that single-pin sights are cheap. There are elaborate reasons why you should opt for a multi-pin bow sight instead of a single-pin sight.

Single pin bow sights are usually preferred by target practitioners who don’t have the necessity of changing their target distance often. Some hunters also prefer them because they know that their target will be in a specific position. But mostly the hunters who know that their targets can be at unpredictable distances prefer multi-pin bow sights.

For hunting purposes, it can be constantly required that you change your yardage distance. Because your target might keep on changing its position deliberately. So, you have to be on your toes. But with a single pin bow sight, you will have to readjust every time the target moves. So, if you’re a serious hunter, you should definitely go will a multi-pin bow sight because you will surely not have enough time to change the yardage every time your target moves to a farther or closer location.

A multi-pin sight can have up to 7 pins to make your work easier. But for a non-advanced bow user, handling a multi-pin sight can be pretty tough. You can easily be confused. Once you get the hang of it, you will get more benefits than ever. 

Frequently Asked Questions for multi-pin bow sights

How shall I know which bow sights fit which bows?

This is actually the most asked question on the internet about bow sights. The answer is that any sight fits any bow. It’s built that way so that every sight is compatible with every bow. 

How can I adjust my bow sights?

The answer is that if you’re dealing with a moving target you will have to adjust according to its location. That means the adjustment is required for the change in the target location.

what ranges should I use in a multi-pin bow sight?

The standard is 20, 30, and 40 yards. But you can set it according to the distance you want to take out your target. The margin between pins should be 10 yards.

Will a bow sight make me better if I have no experience?

The answer is not. To drive a car on the highway, you have to have some prior experience. It is actually the same. After you learn archery, you will surely see that the sights are helping you to improve accuracy.

Final Words

So, now you know what to look for in a multi-pin bow sight. The fact is we could’ve come up with a verdict and made you choose one of the above, but we will not do that. You have all the features and specifications. Also, you have the pointers to look for in an ideal multi-pin bow sight.

Now you have to make the choice, what we can help you with is that the given 6 are the best ones. If you choose one of them, you will not be disappointed for sure.

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