Tec Bean Trail Camera Reviews-Update 2023

Finding a good trail camera for hunting or spectating purpose is not that easy. You have to be very distinctive about the specifications and the features. Right now, hunters and wildlife spectators are opting in for one specific camera, the tec bean trail camera. Why? There are many aspects to this question’s answer.

Before jumping to the very point, let’s go through what we expect from a trail camera, then we’ll discuss the mentioned camera.

First of all, you have to determine what is your purpose for buying a trail camera. Are you willing to take still photographs or videos? Do you have a specific requirement for the picture or video quality? You can have both things at once. You can ensure videos or pictures with one specific camera.

Eventually, everyone starts with either videos or pictures, but in the end, they require both. So, always think about buying a camera that can perform well on both ends.

Now, let’s talk more about why you need the tec bean trail camera for this job

Tec Bean Trail Camera Review: A General Overview

With the Tec Bean Trail Camera, you’ll get 12MP image quality along with 1080P full HD video resolution. The camera is equipped with night vision. Also, it is waterproof, so there is no need to worry about the camera being wet in rain.

Surely you are amazed at how many things you are getting from this single trail camera. But, no fear, I will discuss the exclusive features for you to understand deeply.

Exclusive features for the tec bean trail camera review

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Camera Quality

It has an HD 12-megapixel 1080p resolution camera. Usually, you may think that your phone camera has more megapixels. But for dedicated camera devices, the megapixels don’t matter. What matters is the resolution, and this one has a 1920X1080 HD video resolution.

The image color is very vibrant. Most trail cameras have night visions. But this camera has a night vision that lets you have a way longer range than usual night vision cameras. You can get fast triggers while taking night vision photos. Usually, other cameras take more time to capture nighttime photos. But this one has the exact same shutter speed for a night vision camera as well.

The night vision range is exactly 75 feet. This means you can zoom up to 75 feet and see the faces of the people or the animal that got captured during nighttime. It has no-glow IR led lights. So, you can keep the camera hidden very easily. Also, it has a very lucrative camouflage skin that enables you to hide it very comfortably with 100% clear sight.

Protection and Files Security

IP66 protection means it’s waterproof, dust and sand proof, and somewhat shatterproof. It’s a very heavy-duty camera. It may fall down from a tree without having a single scratch on the body or the lens. That means you’re getting a camera with extreme durability.

There’s one more problem that hunters and animal watchers face is the lack of file security measures.

Mostly, during night time, animal watchers leave the camera on and get back the next day to find out what it captured. Sometimes, other people find it and erase the data deliberately or without knowing. But with this camera, there’s absolutely no option. It can be password protected. You can add a password to keep the files safe and secure. No one can do anything to the data without your authorization.

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This is one camera that’s packed with features. A person who’s going to the forest requires a lot of things that can guide him through the process and journey. That’s why the manufacturers dumped a lot of features on this device.

Along with the usual timestamp, you will get Pressure, temperature, moon phase, GPS, GEO tag, Real-time replay, interval recording, timer for images, different image modes, hybrid camera, and lots of other important and necessary features.

This is constructed to give hunters and animal watchers a different dimension of experience during their time inside the jungle.

the tec bean trail camera review pros and cons:

  • High-quality pictures and HD videos
  • Fast capturing
  • Long-range night vision camera
  • Multifunctional features
  • IP66 protection
  • File Security
  • No-glow IR led lights
  • great camouflage
  • Can be hidden easily
  • 8 months of battery life
Only one type of camouflage available. Might get spotted in too green spots

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long can I use the tec bean trail camera?

Answer: The camera has 8 months of battery life. So, you can be very resourceful by using this camera for your purpose.

Q. How long can it record a video seamlessly?

Answer: Trail cameras don’t have a long time recording aspect unless set for home security with external storage. However, the tec bean trail camera can capture HD videos with audio for up to 90 seconds.

Q. Does the tec bean trail camera have camouflage skin?

Answer: It does. It has a dedicated camouflage skin, especially for night time use. Animals have better sight during the night, so the night time-oriented camouflage enables you to hide it effortlessly.

Q. Can I take pictures with a Trail Camera?

Answer: Yes, you can. But trail camera is more like an observatory purpose camera. So, the pictures it takes is for observation purpose. The quality of the picture will only be the required quality for observing. The color will be more vibrant than usual cameras.

Q. How far should I keep the trail camera from the object?

Answer: Trail cameras can have a vision of up to 100 feet. But to observe the animal in the highest quality, the suggested distance is 50 feet. You can place it closer to the spot. But chances are the animal may spot the camera and get afraid of coming near it.

Final Words

So, you may have already placed an order to buy the tec bean trail camera. It has such features that not only animal watchers and observers but even the ones only passionate also want to buy this one. So, if you’re passionate enough about your animal watching or hunting, you should definitely give this trail camera a shot.

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