TecTecTec Prowild Hunting Rangefinder Review 2023

Hunting is not only about grabbing a weapon and getting going. If you think you can become a hunter just by buying a gun or a crossbow, you’re wrong. You need some accessories to make a hunter out of yourself. Among these accessories, one of the most important is a quality rangefinder. One of the best quality rangefinders in the market is now the TecTecTec Prowild Hunting Rangefinder.

With this range finder, you can easily target any animal without arousing suspicion, and find out how far they are standing from you. In that way, you can know how much force you have to put in every shot of your crossbow. If you ask any professional crossbow hunter, they’ll explain to you the importance of a rangefinder. Also, they’ll suggest you buy the TecTecTec Prowild Hunting Rangefinder.

TecTecTec Prowild Hunting Rangefinder: Overview

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The name TecTecTec may seem ridiculous to a person who does not know about their work. TecTecTec might just be the best company in this business. Creating state-of-the-art crossbow accessories is their thing. The TecTecTec Prowild Hunting rangefinder is one of those “state-of-the-art” creations. The name says it all, it’s for those pro-hunters who like to prey on animals in the wild.

It is embedded with Speed, hunt, and scan technology which is very efficient in case of finding the distance of an animal from you precisely. Unlike other rangefinders, it has an accuracy of about +-1 yards. That is actually very accurate. You will never miss prey for a yard’s deficit. It has many other exclusive features. Let’s go through them.

TecTecTec Prowild Hunting Rangefinder: Exclusive Features

Born Hunter’s Precision

There’s something called a born hunter, who is so accurate and precise about taking each and every shot. With this rangefinder, you’ll have a precision of a born hunter. It not only enables you to define the distance but also teaches you to understand the distance on your own. Being precise, helps everyone to understand how to calculate the distance.

It has a range of about 540 yards. And it’s precise all the way. You can tag an animal from 540 yards accurately. That’s quite a lot! Most crossbows don’t even have that much range. So, you can call it a professional hunting rangefinder. It’s suitable for every skill set.

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Accessories Overloaded

The packaging comes with a case and lanyard. It’s a complete package for easy and quick setup. The package contains a lot of things that you will need to keep it usable, clean, and easy to carry. You will get a microfiber cloth that is perfect and will remain perfect for a long time. You should only use that piece of cloth to clean the rangefinder thoroughly. It keeps the lenses scratchless.

You’ll get a carrying pouch and also a strap. So, either you can keep it packaged or just let it hang. Most rangefinders lack a quick start guide that helps you to get accustomed to the usage. But with this one, you’ll get a thorough guide that will enable you to understand the usage of the rangefinder pretty easily.

Light and portable

It weighs less than many smartphones. It may look much bigger but is way lighter according to the weight-to-mass ratio. So, it’s very easy for you to carry. You can either keep it in a pouch or just hang it on your neck or somewhere else. It won’t feel stiffy as it’s really light.

Unlike other bulky rangefinders, this one measures just 104 x 72 x 41 mm. So you can just carry it in your carry-on bag very easily. It’s really portable.

  • Immensely accurate
  • Has a long-range
  • Speed, Scan Hunt technology
  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Comes with all the necessary accessories
  • Suitable for any type of hunter
  • Accurate for up to +-1 yard
Only available in Camo colour

What To Look For Before Buying A Rangefinder?

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A rangefinder is now a necessity for hunting. From the very beginning of hunting history, people have created many accessories that help to improve the accuracy of shots and increase the frequency of hunting. The newest addition to these accessories is the RangeFinder.

To take every shot precisely, you have to make sure that you are applying the perfect pressure to your crossbow so that it hits the animal perfectly with the perfect force to ensure a kill every time. For example, you need to set different pressure for different distances.

For instance, if you don’t know the distance of your prey, the tension added to the crossbow string may be less than necessary. Thus, you’ll only hurt your prey or the arrow may not even travel the distance and you’ll lose the chance of hunting a fine beast.

That’s why you need a rangefinder. Now you might be asking if you can do that with any range finder. What specific product is a must-buy? Well,’ there’s not only one reason behind it. There are several. The whole description of the product is full of reasons. Let’s get through. You’ll understand.

Let’s see what to look for before buying a Rangefinder

  • Usability
  • Range
  • Accuracy
  • Best-in-class performance
  • Best-in-class price
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to mount on a crossbow or use at hand

These are some of the qualities that the TecTecTec Prowild Rangefinder has. It’s undeniably the best buy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a golf rangefinder for hunting?

Yes, you can. But dedicated golf range finders are not suitable for hunting. You need to buy a rangefinder that can precisely count the range for both golf and hunting. Usually, they are 1-laser rangefinders.

What is the scan mode on a rangefinder?

Scan mode is an instantaneous mode that lets you get updates on your prey’s movement by the moment. Usually, rangefinders with scan mode are best for spectating an animal before hunting.

What’s the difference between golf rangefinders and hunting rangefinders?

Golf rangefinders are made to give quick results and hunting rangefinders are made to provide accurate results. So, golf rangefinders are not as accurate as of the next hunting rangefinder.

Do rangefinders zoom?

It’s called magnification. Some rangefinders have this option to provide accurate results but usually, it’s not necessary because the distance you should maintain from your prey, does not require you to magnify to detect the distance perfectly.

Final Words

Before buying anything, it’s necessary to ensure that you’re spending wisely. It’s your hard-earned money after all. To make the best use of your money by buying a rangefinder, try out the TecTecTec Prowild Hunting Rangefinder. I am sure, you won’t regret it!

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