Trophy Ridge Single Pin Bow Sight Review in depth

Whether you are a classic hunter, a sophisticated individual who really loves to go on hunting occasionally, or an evergreen expert hunting is everything to you, you must be needing a bow sight to make your targeting more perfect. What about giving your hunting experience a new dimension with the most popular trophy ridge single-pin bow sight!!

There was a time when there was no bow sight and you still can see some traditional equipment without any sighting mechanism at all. But in recent times, everything has got updated, and so does the hunting behavior and tradition. You will find different types of bow sights- some of those with a single pin and some of those with multi-pins.

Now the question is which bow sight is perfect to use- the bow sight with a single pin or the one with multiple pins? There is no straight answer to this question as it depends on the one you are comfortable with. However, there are a lot of hunters who find it quite distracting while hunting because of 3,5 or even more pins in the bow sights. That is why a single-pin bow sight is better for them.

If your situation is something like those people, you can also consider using a single-pin bow sight. Another point to note here is that a single pin makes your targeting much more accurate and quicker. The reason behind this is you need to concentrate here on only one thing. But it’s not like the accuracy and speed of the bow sight come up with multiple pins or fewer. It mostly depends on how effectively you can handle all the things.

As bow sights with single pins are not for everyone, similarly, bow sights with multiple pins are also not for everyone. In reality, it’s the bow hunter or the archer who takes the decision on which one to use. When you decide to use a single pin bow sight, trophy ridge single-pin bow sight will undoubtedly be a better option for you. Normally, there is no quality issue regarding the products of trophy ridge. The company is popular and capable enough to offer the best products.

So now let’s come to know all the ins and outs of the trophy ridge single-pin bow sight.

Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight

rophy ridge single pin bow sight reviwe  defult image

This is one of the best bow sights within your budget yet comes up with high-quality performance. If you have a budget issue right now but want a bow sight spending less money with the quality nearly like other expensive sights, this one would really amaze you with its super performance.  They always have a reputation in the bowhunting community to ensure quality even with the simple bow sight. It’s not only the budget bow sight but also quite popular among bow hunters for its effectiveness.

To make each and every single thing very clear to you, we have highlighted the functions of this bow sight in different points below.

Usability and Performance of the Single Pin Bow Sight

This one is equally effective for both left-handers and right-handers. Though it’s not a top-notch bow sight, however, it can give you a performance nearly like some other expensive bow sights. It’s really very simple to use with just only a single pin. A hex key or an Allen wrench will be required for adjusting this to left or right and the process would take really a little time.

You will hardly get such an adjustability facility in other comparable sights, you can have that in it with any between the 2nd or 3rd axis. The required time for adjusting the windage would be a little longer but the vertical adjustment time is so fast. The sliding mechanism of this sight is quite simple and you will get it easy to sight in. It can be a little time-consuming to mark the ranges but soon after you mark the ranges, you are good to go.

The bow has enough power to let your sight in high distances ranging from 20 to 50 yards and even higher. The vertical pin of this sight will let you have very precise adjusting facilities. However, considering all the facts, you would get a good performance from this bow sight.

Accuracy and Perfection of Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight

It’s such a bow sight that can change your idea of what a single-pin bow sight is and how perfectly it can perform in hunting. In terms of accuracy and perfection, it will remain ahead of many other bow sights. It has such a vertical pin that can get you high performance all the time to take your hunting experience to the next level.

Because of the Delrin bushings, you will be able to get noise-free movement. There is no metal connection with another metal in it. You can adjust the brightness with the help of the rheostat light at any time. No matter which visibility condition you are in, it will let you adjust nicely. The glow indicator pins of this sight will let you maintain perfect accuracy.

The sight’s ultra-bright blue LED light will glow in time and also in the dark surrounding and it will let you change the pin of your bow sight easily.  You will always get a clear view of your target. When it’s all about accuracy and perfection, there is no doubt you can use this bow sight without any hesitation.

Some Attractive Features of the Bow Sight

The bow sight is fully made of aluminum construction and due to this, it’s quite durable and more robust than some other heavily plastic-made models. This innovative single-pin bow sight has a medium size, ultra-bright .019” vertical fiber optic pin that lets you get the maximum visibility. You will get a rheostat light and by default sight level in it but will not get any magnification.

Take a look at some of the features of this bow sight at a glance:

Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight image
  • .019” vertical fiber optic pin, ultra-bright
  • An excellent rheostat light
  • Top-notch vertical pointer pin for right adjustments
  • High-quality glow indication pins to keep up with the accuracy
  • Delrin bushings for the noise-free movement
  • 2 mounting positions
  • Ring with glow in the dark facility
  • The housing measurability of 1.75 inches
  • 100% aluminum construction

Mounting feature of Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight

The bow sight has 2 wonderful and solid mounting options that can fit with all the complex bows. Those mounting options will give you the opportunity exactly what you look for. Another good thing about this bow sight is that the extended mounting hardware of this bow sight will reach beyond its elevation arm.

Available style and color of Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight

There are two styles available now of this bow sight- one for the left-hander and another for the right-hander. The bow sight comes in only black color at present. This excellent stylish bow sight will be your super bow hunting companion.

Hunting Experience of Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight

You will get a better hunting experience with this since the movement of it is very silent there is no connection with any metal to another metal in it.  Changing the yardage is very fast and easy for you while you are hunting. As it has not had many more adjusting pins so you just need to focus on only a single pin. Thus, you can concentrate more on your target.

This trophy ridge single-pin bow sight is really a cool option for entry-level bow hunters. However, a lot of experienced hunters are also using this bow sight and sharing their favorable hunting experience with this bow sight. The only unfavorable opinion you will get about this bow sight is that there are some hunting difficulties for targeting a moving object. Now tell me one thing, is it wise to show much interest to shoot a moving object?

One thing we can ensure you is that you would certainly get a wonderful hunting experience with this bow sight no matter whether you are an entry-level hunter or an experienced hunter.

  • • It can be mounted on almost any bow no matter if it is

  • simple or complex
  • • Easy and smooth adjustable facility
  • • Operation is desired, perfect and noise-free
  • • Lightweight but durable

  • • Inexperienced hunters will find it a little difficult

  • to adjust but the situation will be alright with time

Final Thought

To have a smooth and satisfying hunting experience all the time, this trophy ridge single-pin bow sight can meet all your requirements. With that lightweight and easy movement facility, targeting will be very easy and hunting will be very enjoyable for you. In the end, all that matters are your decision, whether it is going to work out for you or not.

But one thing we can assure you is that this high-quality Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight will never disappoint you in any way. So what are you thinking to make a decision?

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