Truglo Range Rover Pro Reviews 2023

Every guy has a fascination with weapons. Once in a lifetime, we all had a fascination will have a shiny gun that will just be a part of our personality. Well, not everyone has the opportunity to bear a gun because of some obvious reason.

What everyone can have access to is a bow. Speaking of a bow, if you have a bow that is requiring a sight, then you should definitely know about the best sights that are available in today’s market. This article is about Truglo Range Rover Pro reviews, which are actually considered one of the best bow sights, even by bow hunters.

Archery is considered a sport. People often enjoy a little game of archery now and then. Also, archers sometimes hunt using their bows and arrow. Well, if you’re an archery enthusiast and you have an attraction towards target practicing and hunting, what you need is a sight that is crafted for accuracy. You can go for pin sights, dot sights, etc.

But today, I’m going to introduce you to Truglo range rover pro reviews a bow sight that is used by professional archers and hunters who like to practice targets both still and live.

Introducing The Truglo Range Rover Pro


Currently, the sight that is famous for its individual feature “11 brightness settings” is the Truglo Range Rover Pro. It has a green dot in the middle of the aperture, which can be illuminated in 11 brightness during low light situations. It is great for precision and taking shots which are quite impossible with normal sights.

Also, it has a dual mode where there’s a red dot centered a little lower for long-ranged shots. So, this bow sight is actually an ideal one for precision and long-range both day and night.


Brightness Setting for Night Times Usage

Unlike other bow sights, the range rover pro has 11 brightness settings which give the user flexibility in using the sight as per their illumination requirement. During a hunt in the jungle, it will surely get very dark at night. But the hunting must go on, right? So, to make it easier for the hunters to aim and take out their targets, the brightness settings are added. 

The brightness can be changed by the push of a button on the knob. There’s a glow-in-the-dark ring to lighten up the dot. The scope view is actually pointless but the ring has a red dot that lightens up and gives a better and clear target view. So, this bow sight is kind of an exclusive one for accuracy during the night.

Built Quality

This used to be made of carbon fiber. But after getting a lot of negative words from the users, Truglo decided to upgrade the build quality of the range rover pro. They made the whole bow sight with CNC Machined Aluminum. Aluminum is actually heavier than carbon fiber. Thus it became a heavier sight but with better build quality. 

To get a better build quality the sacrifice of weight was made. The plan was to reduce one con and to do that another con was added to the list. The sight becoming heavier was thought to be a problem, but a compact bow is quite heavy so, adding another pound didn’t seem much of a problem to both professional and non-professionals.

Better view for better accuracy

Usually, other sights have a pin to pinpoint the location of the target. But the range rover pro has a dot that can be illuminated. So, the dot doesn’t take up as much space as a pin used to take. On the other hand, the illumination of the dot gives better accuracy during the night and low light conditions.

There’s a quiver mount included and it can be adjusted for left-hand and right-hand shooters. So both righty and lefty guys enjoy the benefits of this bow sight. The range rover lens kit gives you 2X magnification. It is proven to increase accuracy and success.

For a bow sight that is within $200, it has a lot of features. It can be an ideal sight for you if you know how easily it can be used and how reliable the bow sight is.

Usage and Reliability

It is relatively easier to use rather than the other compact bow sights. It was built keeping a professional and experienced shooter in mind. The brightness setting is quite accurate and it easily draws the attention of the eye towards it. The brightness can be adjusted with a simple button push. Another plus point of this is that if somehow the battery dies, you will still be able to use it without illumination because the dot is visible without the battery.

The windage and the Zero in wheel adjustments are quite easy to use. If you know the target range you can easily move the wheel up or down to set the correct range. The windage knob gives a click every time a change is made so you can know if the adjustment has been done or not.

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Pros And Cons

  • An illuminated green dot in single-mode
  • An illuminated red dot in dual mode for distant shots
  • 11 different brightness settings
  • A glow-in-the-dark ring
  • Zero-in adjustment dial
  • Usable for both right-handed and left-handed
  • Ideal for short and long-range
  • Aluminum built
  • Without battery visibility the dot
  • Issues with the built quality
  • Heavier than most other bow sights

Is The Truglo Range Rover Pro Budget Worthy And Buyable?


If you have considered the price with the features it promises then you can find the answer yourself. It has been mass-produced to provide a professional feeling even to the newbies. It has justified with the range factor because some bow sights only have usability within a short-range and some have long-range. But his one indeed has a range both short and long. So, easily buyable if you consider the range to be your game.

Let’s narrow things down. It is easy to use bow sight with a clear field view of everything. It works as a single adjustable pin but without a pin.

You can go pinless with the illuminated green dot and still can get a bullseye every time you try to hit your target.

It’s a multipin bow sight with a 1.8″ diameter of sight housing and a 2nd or 3rd adjustable axis. It consists of the glow-in-the-dark shooter ring for a better night view.

It has brought the technology of illumination. So, even if your target is on the run, you can aim better than ever.

According to our measurement of the features, it is actually one of the best available and best-in-class archery sights for your compact bow. You should definitely buy this one if your budget is the same Don’t plan to buy any other bow sights in this budget. Because others will have less potential and features than this one.

What To Look For Before Buying A Bow Sight?

Before buying any bow sights, a set of features is required. If you have used a lot of sights and just wanted to know if the range rover pro is ideal for you or not, you can skip this part because you surely know what to look for in a bow sight. But if you’re buying a sight for the first time, you should stick around and see what comes up.

  • Usability is the number one factor that comes up. In this case, range rover pro is the most usable bow sight according to its features. Both for long-range and short-range it can give you precision, accuracy, and reliability. One thing that’s a minus point is that it will surely make your compact bow heavier than usual because it weighs 1lb itself.
  • Build Quality is another thing to look for because a bow sight can never be indestructible, right? It could break if not used properly. So, to make sure it doesn’t break, it is made of CNC-machined aluminum. Truglo faced some issues at the beginning with the built quality but they made necessary changes and fixed the issues so now people have no complaints about the built quality.
  • Price is another factor because if archery isn’t something that you do regularly, then spending $200 is not what you expect to do. But if you’re an enthusiast of archery and don’t mind the fuss of using a bow sight that is about the price of a low-budget smartphone, you should buy sights that are in between the price range of $150 to $250

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the Dot move while adjusting?
Answer: The dot is stable and does not move. But after adjusting the sight housing, you can move it up or down according to the necessity.

Q. Is the Sight Housing made of glass?
Answer: Yes, the sight housing has a dot containing glass.

Q. How can I Protect the bow sight glass?
Answer: The range rover pro comes with a lens cover to protect the glass when you’re not using the bow and just wandering through the rough places

Q. Will I get tapes with Truglo range rover pro?
Answer: Yes, it comes with 80 pre-marked yardage tapes.

Q. Can I turn off the Illuminated Dot?
Answer: Yes, the illumination can be turned off when it’s not needed. In this way, you get to save battery power which you will need during the dark. The glass is clear, thus it gives you a great view during the day without illumination.

Let’s the video reviews

Final Verdict

The Truglo range rover pro reviews prove that it has usability for professionals and non-professionals. Moreover, it gives the non-professionals to feeling like professionals who have been in the business for a long time. Face it, this is not an ideal sight that a professional hunter or a professional archer will use for hunting or target practice. It is actually built for those who want to get professional experience within a short time.

Trust me when I say, it is the Truglo range rover pro reviews best bow sight to do that. Give a professional feel to anyone who has been using a bow just for some days now. So, if you want to use your bow and arrow just like a professional who has been in the business for a long time, you should definitely buy yourself this gift from Truglo.

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