Stop guessing! Let’s find out what is the best rangefinder for hunting!


Often we wonder about what is the best rangefinder for hunting. There are plenty of things in a rangefinder that makes it a possible purchase. Now in this competitive market, the list of rangers is endless, without boundaries.

Exactly, that is why we have compiled a list of quality rangefinders that you may choose from. This short review may help you find your best match for the money who knows? Let’s go ahead then! 

What is the best rangefinder for hunting

The 5 best rangefinders for hunting we’re going to do a review that helps you to find out the best one.

Let’s do that.

Vortex Optics Ranger Laser Rangefinders

what is the best rangefinder for hunting

We have a list of five rangefinders, and first in this list is the Ranger 1800 by Vortex Optics. 

The first thing that we wanna mention is the built quality of this ranger. The look of it on the outside is quite strong and rubberized. 

This rangefinder is waterproof. It’s really difficult nowadays to find a waterproof rangefinder, so this is quite uncommon and positive. 

It’s a bit heavy and provides you with a pocket clip which helps you carry it without hassle. 

The Tripod mount is something that we can talk about. Accuracy is vital in determining what a good rangefinder is. So, in terms of accuracy, it’s quite good, if it gives you a number, it’s right. 

Furthermore, it does perform positively in both close and long-range accuracy. Warranty is perhaps one of the key features of this rangefinder. It is giving you a lifetime warranty. So, whenever you’re having any issues with this rangefinder, you can run to Vortex for a warranty claim. 

Finally, the price point, in terms of quality and price, it could have been better. There are other rangefinders at this price range, which may outperform this one. 

Overall, it’s a good rangefinder for hunting. You can go for this one for a good hunting session in the wild. 

Wosports Hunting Range Finder -650 Yards

what is the best rangefinder for hunting

The second rangefinder on our list is the Wosports Hunting Rangefinder. One of the key features that sets it apart from other usual rangefinders is that it has multiple functions in it from laser to distance measurement. 

You will be able to measure distance with it. It also has a scan mode and comes with a flag lock feature. 

Another feature that you’d be amazed to know is the speed-measuring capabilities. Golf mode is a further function of this rangefinder. It ranges from 650 yards. It ranges from 150 yards to flag lock. 

In order to activate the scan mode, you’re instructed to press the “Power/Start” button while you’re ranging. It will activate the continuous measurement. You’ll see the data changing on the LCD on the move.

But now you should remember that it’s a laser rangefinder. So, keep in mind that you may face issues in rainy and foggy weather as it affects the laser ray path. You may find measurement errors in this extreme weather. 

Lastly, customer support is something that Wosports promises you. They’re offering you lifetime customer support. 

Bijia Hunting Rangefinder – 650Yards Multi-Function Laser Archery Rangefinder 

what is the best rangefinder for hunting!

Bijia is the third rangefinder that we’re reviewing. It’s a multifunction laser rangefinder. It comes with flag lock capabilities.

You will be able to use it in multiple situations such as hunting, shooting, golfing, and whatnot. 

Accuracy is something that you’ll always consider while buying a rangefinder. This Bijia rangefinder comes with built-in pin seeker technology, which helps you to accurately range to 650 yards. 

Durability is a prime concern when buying outdoor gadgets. It is built with durable material, so you can be a bit less worried when you accidentally drop it during hunting sessions. 

You’re getting an LCD display with which you will be able to get precise readings and clear images. Low light conditions can also be tackled with this LCD display feature.

This Bijia hunting rangefinder has a compact design. Easy to use and carry. 

In the package, you will get one strap, one cloth for cleaning purposes, and one bookmark magnifier. 

One fun thing about this rangefinder is that you’ll get a beautiful EVA pouch to carry with it. With which you’ll be able to take it wherever you want easily. Lastly, taking all the features into consideration and the price which it comes at, it’s a pretty good rangefinder.

AOFAR Range Finder for Hunting Archery HX-1200T 

what is the best rangefinder for hunting

Now we’re reviewing the Aofar rangefinder. You’d always want your rangefinder to be extra tough. Rangefinders are usually used in hunting, so it has to be extra strong. 

This Aofar HX-1200 is a high-grade hunting rangefinder. It has adopted AI technology. It is dustproof, so you will be able to use it in the wild without hesitation. 

It is also fog proof, so it should give you a natural-ranging experience in foggy weather conditions. Lastly, the waterproofing will also save you from wet conditions that you may experience outside while hunting. 

Precision and accuracy are other key features of this rangefinder. It has upgraded pin sensor technology, which provides you with centimeter data of display. 

You’ll also be able to use magnification with this rangefinder. It has a 6x magnification. The clarity of the lens is one of its positives. Aofar is providing you with two years of after-sale customer support on this rangefinder. 

With this Aofar rangefinder, you’re getting a carrying pouch, which will be a good option to carry your rangefinder in. Along with the pouch, you’re also getting a CR2 battery, quality portable rope, microfibre cloth for cleaning, a carabiner, and a manual. All in all, it’s a pretty good choice in the money! 

 Gogogo Sports Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder

what is the best rangefinder for hunting

 Last but not least, is the Gogogo sport rangefinder. Like the previous one, it also comes with 6x magnification for a better view. It has three different modes. 

First, the normal scan mode is used for the usual range measurement from 5 to 650 yards. 

Secondly, there is the golf mode. It is specially designed for golf sports. Lets you make flag-lock for over 300 yards, and pin-seek for 150 yards. It is equipped with slope distance correction and JOLT tech. 

Thirdly, it offers you speed measurements from 20-300 km/h! You will have a fun time watching any sort of outdoor sport that involves measuring speed. 

One thing that we find a bit problematic is that it’s not waterproof. So, whenever you’re using it in rainy weather conditions, you risk damaging the device. 

This device is compactly designed, easy to use, and has a built-in vibration feature as well. It comes in a pouch that is water, and you’re getting a user manual, free strap, and cloth for cleaning with it as well. On the whole it’s not a bad deal in the money! 

Buying Guide on Getting the Best Rangefinder in the Market

Getting a quality rangefinder can become a tough job for some. Especially for those who don’t have much experience in the field.

Now, if you wanna find out what is the best rangefinder you can go through this short buying guide. There are some things that you must consider before getting a rangefinder. Some of them are discussed below for better comprehension:  


We’d always keep it first because it is the most important thing in a rangefinder. If your readings are not accurate, then you’re missing the prime purpose of using a rangefinder.

Therefore, you must make sure that the rangefinder you’re going for is accurate! 

Distance Covered

Make sure your rangefinder is covering the distance that you’re looking for. If you’re looking to range out 1200 yards, getting 1000 yards rangefinders will be a huge loss. 

Built Quality

Try getting a rangefinder that is heavy and tough. Because it’s not an indoor toy, rather it’s an aid to your hunting outdoors. So, it must be tough! You may consider buying rangefinders that are rubberized on the body outside. 


Rangefinders come in different modes. Some are good for normal scans for usual range measurement; some are designed for golf sports, and some measure speed. Several rangefinders in the review contain all three modes altogether as well. 

Extra Goodies 

Each rangefinder comes with extra goodies. These can also be a thing for consideration. Some offer you durable pouches and bags which we think is a really good add-on as you’ll be able to carry your rangefinder safely and with ease. 


The design has to be mentioned. In any sort of goods, design is important. You’d want your rangefinder to be well-made and nicely designed. Rangefinders are used outside for hunting.

So, it’s always best to get rangefinders that are small in size and easily carryable. Even better if it has a rubberized grip for protection from falling. You will then be able to handle it with flexibility as well!

In Closing

To sum up, getting a good rangefinder requires good knowledge, skill, and experience. This review was an effort to lessen the knowledge gap that you may have in the field. All the rangefinders in this review have different sorts of features that suit different needs.

We have also designed our reviews with rangefinders at multiple price points so that everyone can get to have the possibility of using one. So, what are you waiting for?

Choose one that you love and get it today! 

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